Instagram Announce “Ads are Coming”

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Instagram, who were bought by Facebook, are making some major changes to their previously friendly façade.

Firstly, they cut their ties with the social platform that helped them grow, Twitter. Now they’re going to introduce advertising to monetise the photo editing and sharing app.

According to a report by Will Oremus of Business Insider, Facebook VP Carolyn Everson didn’t initially confirm nor deny the introduction of ads. That is, until an exchange of emails between an Instagram spokesperson and Oremus, which said “…They’re continuing to evaluate when, how, and in what form advertising inside Instagram plays a role in creating value for users and brands alike.”

With Facebook spending $1billion on the popular smartphone application, they must be expecting to make some serious money on their investment. However, when the relationship with Twitter was ended, the micro-messaging company were quick to launch their own set of photo editing capabilities, alongside some very attractive filters to compete with Instagram.

If they’re not careful, Instagram may sever too many ties with corresponding networks and push them of any actual form of usefulness.

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