The Demise of Yahoo!

‘Yahoo!’ used to be the name brand name of the internet. Before Google and Facebook, it led the way as a search engine with extras such as an email service and instant messenger alongside their competitor, MSN.

However, with the unstoppable Google now thoroughly in top position, the company has been having some tough times.

In 2006, the enterprise value of Yahoo! was $54.9 billion, which has plummeted 68.5% to just $17.26 billion in 2012.

Perhaps Yahoo needs to be a brand again. When was the last time someone asked you to “Yahoo it” in response to a question? It seems to have fallen out of fashion and has become as relatively old-fashioned as having an email address.

Yahoo have made some interesting acquisitions, including one of the biggest ever deals in internet history, acquiring for a reported $5.7bn in 1999. This was meant to be the first name in consumer-focused video streaming. However, due to bad management, this never came to fruition and fell by the way-side as YouTube went from strength to strength.

It is apparent that Yahoo has had lots of grand ideas, starting with some good ideas only to not see them through development properly and allowing the competition to pass them and become hugely successful.

In a report on, CEO Jerry Yang laid off around 1,500 Yahoo employees, and more recently, new CEO Scott Thompson has laid off 2,000 more workers in an effort to reduce annual expenses to improve the value of their stock.

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