Twitter Vs. The News

Where do you get your breaking news stories? Who do you trust?

Twitter, and other social networking sites have faster breaking news and constant updates, trackable with the use of trending hashtags. However, the problem with everyone with a Twitter account (over 100 million active users) adding their opinion is that the information isn’t always accurate.

Official news channels, however are more careful (usually) about the accuracy of their content. Sources can be sited and confirmed, the reporters have a background knowledge of current issues and similar events.

Today’s Tottenham Court Road hostage and bomb alert breaking news has been all over Twitter, with on-lookers, people watching the news and some people offering advice despite not knowing any details. The official news channels have helicopter video, regular updates and are also a guiding presence on the social networks.

There have always been issues of bias in the broadcast news, which can depend on anything from the worthiness of the information to the political stance of the media owning company.

As a Digital Recruitment company, we update our Twitter feed regularly with new jobs and opportunities, which we have found to be a massively useful tool. It has often been more effective than sending out emails to new and existing candidates.

One thing is for sure, if the people can talk, they will. Whether they know what they’re talking about or not, the only criteria is that they have an opinion.
Here at Puregenie Digital Recruitment we place great value on the testimonials and opinion of the people that we work with. We are proud to display the quotes from our talented candidates and loyal clients, who have been matched by our Resourcers. The ongoing relationship between candidates and clients is vital to our mutual successes and the future of the Puregenie Digital Recruitment brand.

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